Our story

The search for the smallest possible particle continues. Even while science also studies the seemingly unmeasurably vast universe, mostly by finding the smallest particles. This is where the two science branches meet. At CERN in Switzerland, a particle accelerator has been built, with a diameter of about 40 metres and 27 km long at a depth of 175 metres. Particles are accelerated to approximately the speed of light.

One of those particles is the most simple atom: the hydrogen atom. This is brought into an unstable state, where the electron is separated from the proton. Within a magnetic field, it is accelerated to almost the speed of light, and shoots on top of a carbon atom. The atom splits and various particles such as neutrinos, quarks (up and down), photons and perhaps the most famous Higgs particle are released. This includes a pion that immediately decays to an exceptional particle: a muon.

The muon particle is full of energy and has almost 207 times the mass of an electron. And you can feel that when you ride and experience a Muon e-bike.

That same energy is in our drive systems, our people, our veins, and inspires us to develop e-bikes that let you do what you want and for any purpose. Energy that links us to one shared characteristic: sport. This is reflected in the design, the geometry, the comfortable seat, the handling, the lightness of the ride and the components used; everything exudes sports appeal. Muon is locked directly into your heart.