E-bike engine brands

Power, energy and reliability. The engine, together with the battery and controller, is the driving force of your electric bike. And that is precisely why we have chosen our engine systems with all due care. The right power combined with the silence of the engine makes for an experience to enjoy every time.


Kreutzer is a premium brand developed based on advanced techniques. High-quality displays, batteries, controllers and drive systems that work optimally in tune and are designed to optimize the assist to the user. It gives an instantly familiar, comfortable feel and offers maximum assistance when required.

Kreutzer engines are known for their high power capacity. This is because the amount of torque on the engines is relatively high compared to other brands. That's a real boon. You feel it when you need a little extra assist. High torque also means faster acceleration from standstill. It also makes cycling on a slope easier.


The engines of Shimano STEPS (Shimano Total Electric Power System) have a good track record in e-bike land. And that is not without reason. Shimano engines provide stable and smooth support. You feel that support with every pedal stroke. Muon uses three different Shimano e-bike motors: the Shimano E5000, Shimano E6100 and Shimano E8000.

The Muon Vesper is equipped with the light, E5000 motor. With a torque of 40 Nm you have more than enough power for daily rides. And thanks to the lightweight of 2.5 kg, you can cycle without any pedal assistance!

The Zippy works with some heavier guys. Well, at 2.88 kg, the STEPS E6100 cannot really be called heavy. The smooth and intelligent support reaches up to 60 Nm. And a nice advantage: the E6100 is up to 20% more economical than the normal E6000 variant.