Attention to detail


Our frames are designed to be enjoyed for a long time. The sleek shapes contribute to high stability and the geometries of each segment are adapted to the purpose. We focus on making the e-bike as light as possible with great steering behavior. A Muon e-bike basically steers lightly and feels instantly reliable. That's the Muon.

Die-cast frames

For the tubes, we use the 6000 series aluminum. The head tube, bottom bracket and dropouts are made of cast aluminum made with high pressure die casting. Under 500 tonnes of pressure, aluminum is injected into a die. This produces extremely strong and light frames.


Using the latest techniques, layers are carefully applied to the electrolytically treated frame. After the primer, the first color layer is applied. Then the frame is taped with utmost precision and the second colour is applied. We use water-based paints; the waste water is collected for further processing. This is followed by a high-clarity transparent powder coating for optimal visibility of the color.

Muon uses PMS colors. This displays the colors with the intensity as intended by the designers. The clear powder coating supports that effect. This shows our choice to show true colors - saturated and recognizable, colors to enjoy for a long time.

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The models from the work series are quite sporty, as is the seat. These models are used almost every day in every type of weather. Sitting in a forward-leaning position is better against the wind and saves energy. It's a relaxed ride. Because of this position, a narrower saddle is mounted. For the touring and city models, we allowed for a more upright position. A little bit forward is very good. During cycling, this gives relaxation to wrists and arms. Sitting slightly forward is something you do automatically when cycling, so that is also the position at which the components should be adjusted, tailored to you. More information is available here.

Muon handlebar curves

It may seem a common element, but our engineers can't stop talking about handlebars. It makes sense, because during cycling, you have it in your hands all the time. That’s why it is good to take a look at this page; position. A wide handlebar is standard*. The handlebar can be shortened by your dealer and can be adjusted to your width. The ‘oversized’ bulge in the middle contributes to maximum strength, to ensure that every reaction is immediately noticeable. The angle of the ends has been chosen so that you fall into the handlebar, as it were, in a natural way. Your dealer will be happy to set this up for you. *Does not apply to the Multigrip handlebars.

For longer rides, the Muon Multigrip handlebar offers the advantage of being able to switch positions easily. The leather sleeves are comfortable and prevent sweaty hands.

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All our handles are handmade. The leather has an even thickness, feels wonderfully comfortable immediately and is sewn with a strong yarn. Both sides of the handle are equipped with an anodized aluminum locking ring. Have your dealer advise you on the position, it prevents tingling hands. For our 'Multigrip' handlebars, we use so-called sleeves, which are made of comfortable leather-covered foam to prevent sweaty hands.

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Real saddles are produced with love in Italy. Our saddles are made at Selle Italia in picturesque Pozzoleone at the feet of the Dolomites. Although a saddle is personal and position dependent, the shape of these saddles is a good fit for most. They are relatively sturdy saddles, something you can compare to today's car seats: properly supporting you and made for long rides. Both saddle models are equipped with a layer of gel on the seat bone position. The top model has a breathable layer with the properties of leather. All around, especially for the side areas, a wear-resistant Alcantara layer has been applied. The Alcantara also reduces friction. And yes, the design, leave that to the Italians. You can find that emotion in our saddles, fitting for a real Muon.

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Nothing is developing faster than bicycle lighting. At Busch & Muller, they know all about that. This approach fits perfectly with Muon. The cables have been specially developed for Muon. For this purpose, the electronic processing has also been modified, which brings the supply of muons without friction to the point where it belongs: the super led. The electronics ensure a continuity of light without a hitch. Our headlamps deliver up to 80 lux. That's a lot. Your dealer will ensure proper adjustment to ensure that other road users are not dazzled. Safety comes first, see and be seen. Your Muon’s got this.

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Muon has chosen Vitoria tires. This brand is mainly known as a racing bicycle tire. The experience the supplier gains from racing is incorporated into the tyres we use. The main properties are: light, durable and very light-running tires. The durable element consists of graphene. It forms a layer of only one atom thick, which fills the empty spaces in the rubber. This makes the tyre very wear-resistant. The top layer is designed for directional stability and cornering grip.

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